Saturday, November 24, 2018

Spread the News about Your Farm

Present Your Farm at the Local Food Summit!
The Local Food Summit would like to invite you to speak for 5-10 minutes (along side other farms) about your farm to an audience of consumers (mostly) at this years' summit. We will be continuing this particular session in the years to come so if you dont get to do it this year you will have other opportunities!
We will expect you to have pictures to present as a PowerPoint which will go along with your discussion of what you grow or make, what methods you use, why what you do is important to you and to be able to answer questions. This is essentially a seated farm tour for the attendees.
This will be a great opportunity to discuss what you love about farming and also to potentially acquire more customers! Show off all of your hard work!
If we get a lot of interested farms, we will be choosing by lottery and creating a well rounded group of diverse farms.


Food Summit 2019

Local Food Summit 2019

Hey lovers of local food, producers, people who like to eat, people interested in food policy and the social determinants of access to clean and delicious food and ANYONE else!

Come hang out and eat some stuff and think about getting involved in the planning of this years Local Food Summit!

This will be our 11th year of discussing, learning about, and bolstering the health of our local food system. WE WANT YOUR INPUT! 

We’ll explain more about how the planning team works, introduce some exciting initiatives including the Leadership Development Fund (get some money to help you be involved, pay for childcare, help with gas money etc.) and learn from you what you are passionate about in regards to local food work. 

We are especially interested in working with People of Color, underserved communities, and those who are have limited access to local food.

Can't wait to see you there!

We'll be meeting at:

  • 1100 N Main St Ste 100
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104